Our cover of the David Bowie classic off Hunky Dory. Recorded specially for a David Bowie Tribute Pocast called Ashes to Ashes which was compiled by God is In The Tv.
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Dear everyone,

I’m gonna take a short break from Doctor Who gifs and Harry Potter quotes, and also, I’m gonna ask for your attention, as I have to tell you a little story, it’ll only take a couple of minutes and I’ll try to make it as short as possible.

This is my home, the Kingdom of…


It would be a travesty if Merlin Woods was destroyed to make way for a bus corridor at Merlin Park Hospital. But that’s what Galway City Council proposes to do. The Friends of Merlin Woods are opposed to the plan.

Queen Elvis - Dreams live at Friends of Merlin Woods, National Biodiversity Week (Mandala Workshop) (by carolinekstanley)


Ashes To Ashes: A Compilation of David Bowie Covers by Various Artists

A celebratory compilation of David Bowie songs…

Our second covers podcast is up,QueenElvis sings songs from Lou Reed , Radiohead, Joan Armatrading, Nick Cave, RandyCrawford